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I believe that snow days should be put in place is safety is in jeopardy, not if there are two flakes of snow or a few drops of rain falling. I mean if the weather isn’t bad enough for adults to go to work why can’t kids go to school?

All parents want their child to get a good education, right? Well it might seem harmless at first but it might affect them in the long run. A study in 2009 showed that “the passage rate on a standardized math test fell by as much a half a percentage point for every inch of snow” Also they found” for every day  a student misses school, elementary or secondary, the overall passage rate fell by as much as one third to one half a percentage point” Not being at school  when over half your class is there would mean missing important lessons because if you think that because you’re not there that your teacher would wait to teach the lesson your wrong.

If you have a small kid that needs a babysitter and you find out about the snow days that morning before you go to work, you don’t have very many options. You could try to find a new babysitter, skip work, be late to work trying to find a daycare for your child to go to, or maybe, if you’re lucky, see if your regular babysitter is available. All that trouble for one flake of snow seems a little unreasonable. If you do find a babysitter do you have time to do a background check, do you trust them, and do you know if they have any experience? Well unfortunately you might not have enough time to do all that in the morning.

Unnecessary snow days are not fair for the students and teacher that have to go to school. Imagine you are a teacher that lives in Canada and has a lot of snow days. You have the same curriculum as a teacher in Mexico who doesn’t have snow days. This means you have less time to teach the whole curriculum. As a teacher it is your responsibility to make sure all your students know the whole curriculum. This is very stressful or frustrating for teachers because they want to have fun days but they don’t have time because their students are so behind. Also the students that do go to school on snow days don’t have anything to work on in most cases, so all the teacher can do is review lessons.

To the people who think the term better safe than sorry applies if it is drizzling or lightly snowing I have to say this…

If the weather stations say that there is going to be a blizzard, heavy rain, or freezing rain the next day , the bus company’s should check a local weather station that night, morning, and before school ends. To think there has been snow days called for light snowing or light raining is ridiculous! If the roads are expected to be dangerous the bus company should check the weather forecasts, not decide on the spot that it’s a snow day.

Therefore I believe that snow days should only be put in place if it is necessary .For the sake of teachers, students, bus drivers, babysitters, and excpecially parents, snow days should be used if needed. I, a student don’t mind snow days but if they are interfering with my education I would like to have as little as possible. Some websites I used are…


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