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Blogging Challange #3


Do you ever find a sock that’s match leaves to the magical land of lost socks? Well instead of throwing it out here are some every day ways to use that stray sock.

  1. Heating pack

What you need

  1. An old sock
  2. Around 4 cups of rice
  3. A sewing kit
  4. A sore body part

Step one. Grab the sock and make sure there are no holes in it.

Step two. Take the rice (uncooked) and fill the sock with it.

Step three. Using a needle and thread, sew the sock closed. Make sure no rice can come out.

To warm the heating pack put in the microwave for 40sec or until warm.


  1. Dog toy

What you need

  • An old sock
  • A tennis ball or two
  • A dog

Step one. Place the tennis ball in the sock and push it down to the end or toe of the sock.

Step two. Tie a knot in the sock so the tennis ball is secure at the end.

Step three. Repeating step one and two you can add more that on tennis ball.

  1. Water bottle sweater

What you need

  • A old sock
  • Pens/markers
  • Decorations
  • Hot glue
  • Water bottle

Step one. Make sure the sock fits around the water bottle so it won’t fall off.

Step two. Using a pen/marker draw or write designs, inspirational works, your name, etc. on the sock. (Optional)

Step three. Using hot glue gun, glue decorations onto the sock. (Optional)

You can personally design a water bottle sweater for your family, yourself, or friends. And the best part is when you need a cold drink your hand will not get cold holding it.

hope these were helpful!!!!


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