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Blogging Challange #4


Blogging Challenge #4

This is one of my favorite thing to do on warm summer mornings, when there are hardly any boats on the lake and the water is so peaceful.

The only things you hear are the birds chirping and the soft sound of the paddle hitting the water. Sometimes I just like to sit in a little cove

and watch the beautiful wildlife. My favorite experience I have had while kayaking was watching a crane fly over my kayak and slowly drift

into the water. In this picture you see my cousins kayak with a white water lily on it,you also see a bridge that I am about to go under.

Kayaking is so important to me because I have some time to myself to think and all my stress just disappears. That is why kayaking is so special and important to me.


  1. Hi Carley
    My name is Felipe,I live in California.I really like your blog post about Kayaking.I like your post because I like to relax in the quite.I like going outside and listen to the birds chirping.Its really relaxing Listen to the birds outside and then when i go camping i wake up early so i can go hear the water hitting the shore

    I like how you started in your post and how you explained every little detail you like about kayaking.How old where you when you started kayaking

  2. I really like this post because you really describe how kayaking makes you feel relaxed. This post made me really know how much you love kayaking. I really liked how you included your favourite memory of kayaking! Great job!

  3. Hey Carley,
    I’m part of the student blogging challenge too, and really liked your post on kayaking. My family likes kayaking too, but it’s not as peaceful having your brother constantly trying to make you fall in! You did a great job on this post it’s short and to the point continue you’re great work!

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